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Why Attend This Workshop?

Helping you succeed - both personally and professionally


xperienced medical advisors and medical marketing professionals are of pivotal importance in realizing the full medical and commercial value of prescription drugs. This workshop offers you the insights, advice, knowledge and know-how that can help you update and enhance your expertise and thus become more valuable to your company.

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You Receive the Best from Dr. Günter Umbach's 3 Business Books, 30 Years of Experience, 50 Articles and 30 Previous Medical Advisor Workshops

"Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results: Winning in the Healthcare Business" Includes a CD with checklists and illustrations - Available as free audiobook

"Erfolgreich als Medical Advisor und Medical Science Liaison Manager" (Succeed as Medical Advisor and MSL: How to communicate scientific data effectively and cooperate with experts)

"Erfolgreich im Pharma-Marketing" (Succeed in Pharma Marketing: How to win physicians, pharmacists, patients, experts and managers. Second edition)


You improve your know-how in these areas

  • Distil a Clear Content from the Wealth of Scientific Data
  • Maximize the Impact of Research Data on Business
  • Help Create Convincing Communication Concepts
  • Unleash the Power of Words
  • Ensure Internal and External Support
  • Get Things Done

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Your Benefits

You strengthen your skills to

  • Develop excellent relationships with internal and external customers
  • Contribute to new product strategies
  • Act as medical expert for marketing & sales professionals
  • Help Marketing prepare better promotional materials
  • Create the blueprint for success
  • Reach peak performance

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Workshop Leader: Dr. Umbach

You benefit from Günter's experience as

  • Prescribing physician (gynecologist)
  • Medical Advisor und Medical Director
  • Pharmaco Vigilance Officer
  • Marketing Director and Brand Team Leader
  • 3 books, 50 articles and 300 videos
  • Author, lecturer and guest professor
  • Independent entrepreneur
  • Trainer and facilitator in 500 workshops
  • Consultant to more than 50 companies
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Program of Workshop

Distil a Clear Content from the Wealth of Scientific Data

  • How to benefit from studies before the results are available
  • Draw out advantages by asking smart questions
  • Outwit the competition: How to address the "class effect"
  • KISS: How to Keep It Short and Simple

Maximize the Impact of Research Data on Business

  • Keep abreast of new medical and scientific developments
  • Understand scientific data as business opportunities
  • Why medical advisors are essential for the success of companies
  • How to leverage clinical studies
  • Establish relationships with hospitals and academic centres
  • Provide rapid answers to medical questions on products
  • Give pertinent advice and information for therapeutic areas

Help to Create a Convincing Communication Concept

  • Talk to people your competitors would not think of
  • How to get the attention your clinical studies deserve
  • Approve the scientific and medical accuracy of materials
  • Ensure that materials are compliant with the Codes of Practice
  • Prepare amazing medical training for marketing and sales reps

Unleash the Power of Words

  • Ensure consistency in your vocabulary right from the start
  • How to write accurate and persuasive texts
  • Tap the innate power of headlines and subtitles
  • Articulate product benefits convincingly for physicians
  • How to become memorable

Ensure Internal and External Support

  • Portray your projects as golden opportunities
  • Provide scientific and clinical input into Sales & Marketing activities
  • How to rally support through effective internal communication
  • Emails that make a difference
  • Contribute to a winning communication strategy
  • Maximize the benefit from agencies and consultants

Get Things Done

  • Master the craft of successful implementation
  • Manage priorities and timelines more effectively
  • Winning at the game of work and business

This program is also available as

  • Customized in-house seminar
  • Personal consulting session
  • German-language event


Our workshops are energising learning experiences where you update your practical skills and your professional know-how emphasising:

  • Solutions: Original insights using real-life case studies
  • Results: Recommendations for maximising your impact
  • Success: Practical tips for effective implementation


There will be between 1 and 5 persons attending. Participants of previous workshops came from many countries in Europe and Asia.

Participants usually worked in pharmaceutical or medical product companies and had the following functions: Medical Advisor, Scientific Advisor, Medical Science Liaison Manager, Director Medical Affairs.

Time Schedule

Invitation to casual dinner: 18:00 - 19:30

Day I

Workshop: 09:00 - 17:00
Option for informal discussion: 17:00 - 17:30

Day II

Workshop: 09:00 - 17:00
Option for informal discussion: 17:00 - 17:30


Master the art and science of Medical Advisor:

2500 Euro + VAT

1500 Euro + VAT for the second participant from the same company


Private workshop room, Im Gries 16, D - 53179 Bonn, Germany

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